We cannot see, we cannot understand, but we can feel, be like seismographs who intercept the inconsistency of meaning.
We live in the creative and non-destructive fracture.
A diffraction of visual structures that reveal the different shades of the possible, the different identities, the respective individual and collective emotional spaces.
Rifting is not a synthesis, not even a mirror of reality, but the split itself that explodes to show the synthetic confusion caused by the jarring exchange between life and the global economic and communicative system.



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  1. A fissure, crack, or opening, as in rock.
  2. A break in friendly relations: a rift between siblings.
  3. Geliogy An area where the lithosphere is thinning, typically associated with large faults and grabens.

v. rift·ed, rift·ing, rifts
v.intr To split open; break.
v.tr. To cause to split open or break.

It lasts a fraction

of life

L’elfo Manuel Esposito, Aronne Pleuteri - 2021 Aronne e Manuel perform as an elf playing flute and a raver dancing on the elfic notes in a childish-like set design. You will hear no audio beside the sounds of the forest and a pneumatic drill.

like the truth of making sense

that you can find around /

It won't end

How To Wake Up The Ghosts Erik Peters - 2021
CGI: Francesco Luzzana
‘How to Wake Up the Ghosts’ (2021) is an immersive video installation that explores the thresholds of artificial nature and interconnectivity. Based on a 1756 publication in which whale hunters found a piece of coral near the Arctic, the piece presents a speculative future with remnants of human efforts to counter the global ecological crisis. The work reveals a truth that is made up of reconstructed pieces of coral and reflects on the blurred lines between ‘reality’, ‘nature’ and ‘technology’ from a more-than-human perspective. The voice of the coral takes you on a journey of reflection. As a plural entity, its being carries opposing perspectives on what it means to be alive in a neo-ecological world. The script is co-written by GPT-2 models trained on texts by a.o. Donna J. Haraway, Bruno Latour, Timothy Morton, Jean Baudrillard and Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. The artifical coral imagery is created using a CLIP+VQGAN method in order to let the machine dream up the landscape. The sculpture is 3D-printed using PLA mixed with wood fibers. * Erik Peters in collaboration with Lorena Solis Bravo and Nadia Piet. With big thanks to Ymer Marinus for the sound design and to Bethany Andrzejak for voice acting. The sculpture is printed at 3D-Robotprinting. ‘How to Wake Up the Ghosts’ has been commissioned by Tetem and has been supported by FIBER Festival through participation in the Reassemble Lab ‘Weaving With Worlds’.

not so soon

Con/te Alessandro Gambato, Federico Poni - 2021 We only rifted the face of the former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.
No ok there is more: The entire work is based on the speech delivered to the nation by G. Conte on the occasion of the definitive tightening of the anti-covid-19 prevention rules, which inaugurated the so-called "lockdown" period. It is an audiovisual/sound research on the suspension of the semantic meaning of the word. The speech, treated algorithmically, is progressively deprived of the conventional meaning attributed to words and phonemes. To achieve full autonomy of the sound material itself. The generation takes place by checking live various parameters of the algorithms. Through free improvisation, we try to explore the destructive/demiurgic possibilities concerning sound language / autonomous sound. A strong contrast is visible between the measured and rhetorically punctual scan of the prime minister's utterance and the unstoppable advance of the pandemic, which has gone from causing 196 deaths to nearly a thousand deaths daily since the day the speech was delivered.